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Clack Machine in Baytown, Texas.

In Loving Memory of Mark Douglas Wheeler (September 23, 1959 - August 18, 2021)

Clark Machine, originally founded and owned by Leon Clark, experienced transformative changes when Mark D. Wheeler assumed ownership following Leon's retirement. The legacy of Leon Clark resonates within our company, and Mark D. Wheeler, a dedicated leader and innovator, further enriched this legacy.

We deeply mourn the visionary, Mark Douglas Wheeler, whose passing on August 18, 2021, left an irreplaceable void. As a result of his remarkable journey and his indomitable spirit, Clark Machine has become what it is today.

Clark Machine's Ongoing Commitment


Mark Douglas Wheeler

A Legacy of Precision and Dedication

Mark's passion for precision and commitment to excellence ignited the spark that led to the establishment of Clark Machine, Inc. in 1997. Guided by his unwavering belief in the power of precision, the company flourished under his astute leadership. Specializing in the manufacturing of precision products crafted to meticulous customer specifications, Mark cultivated a culture of innovation and craftsmanship that set Clark Machine apart.

Pioneering Specializations

Mark's foresight paved the way for Clark Machine to excel in crafting specialized products that have left an indelible mark on industries across the spectrum. From turbine blading to high nickel alloy oil production equipment, pipe production dies and punches to process control components, Mark's dedication to pushing boundaries and mastering intricate processes became the cornerstone of Clark Machine's success.


120 Years of Accumulated Excellence

Established in Houston, Texas, Clark Machine's foundation was fortified by Mark's steadfast commitment and his unmatched ability to bring together a team of experts. With a combined 120 years of accumulated experience, Mark and his team ensured that every project was executed with unparalleled expertise. His leadership instilled confidence in our clients, reassuring them that their aspirations would be translated into reality with precision and finesse.


Honoring Mark's Vision

Though Mark is no longer with us, his vision continues to guide us forward. As we commemorate his life, we are reminded of his unyielding passion for perfection, his unwavering dedication to our clients, and his boundless enthusiasm for innovation. His legacy resonates through the work we do, the products we craft, and the relationships we nurture.


A Lasting Tribute

Mark Douglas Wheeler's spirit lives on in the intricate components we manufacture, in the precision we uphold, and in the dedication we bring to every project. As we honor his memory, we are driven to carry forward his legacy of excellence and his unshakeable belief in the transformative power of precision. In his honor, we commit to continuing the journey he started, embracing challenges with courage, and pushing the boundaries of precision to new horizons.


Rest in peace, Mark. Your legacy lives on through every precision masterpiece we create.

In Memoriam,

The Team at Clark Machine, Inc.

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