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A Closer Look at Our Capabilities

Innovating with Precision

Clark Machine Baytown, Texas

Precision, Power, and Possibilities

At Clark Machine, we regard CNC machinery as the cornerstone of excellence. Our robust equipment lineup serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to precision engineering and delivering top-tier solutions. These state-of-the-art tools aren't mere machines; they are the instruments of innovation. With our advanced machinery, we have the capability to meet your requirements with unparalleled precision, adaptability, and efficiency. Inside our facility, you'll find an extensive array of cutting-edge technologies and machinery.

Clark Machine's Advanced Equipment Arsenal

Haas VF-3:


With an expansive XYZ table travel of 40”x20”x35” and a table size of 48”x18”, this machine offers precision and versatility. Equipped with a 4th Axis, it enhances Clark Machine's capabilities.

Hass VF:


Featuring a substantial XYZ table travel of 40”x20”x25” and a table size of 48”x18”, this machine with a 4th Axis expands the horizons of machining possibilities.

Haas Tool Mill TM2p:


Boasting a table travel of 40”x16”x16” and a table size of 52”x10.5”, this machine is perfect for intricate tasks. The inclusion of a 4th Axis further elevates its capabilities.

Haas Tool Room Mill:


With a generous XYZ table travel of 30”x12”x16” and a table size of 48”x10.5”, this machine's 4th Axis capability enhances its precision.



Offering an XYZ table travel of 60”x30”x28” and a table size of 60”x30”, this machine provides substantial machining capacity. The 4th Axis adds to its versatility.

LeadWell V 30:


Featuring an XYZ table travel of 30”x16”x16” and a table size of 35”x15.7”, this machine is a testament to precision engineering.

Mitsubishi V350II Wire EDM:


With a work envelope of 16H”x24W”x16D”, this Wire EDM machine is perfect for intricate tasks. Its 16H”x41”Wx33”D tank envelope ensures efficient operations.

Puma 800L:


This machine offers a generous swing of 32” and a remarkable 126” between centers, accommodating bar capacities ranging from 12” to 30”. It features a steady rest for added stability.

Puma 300L:


With a swing of 20” and 48” between centers, this machine caters to bar capacities ranging from 2.95” to 12”. It also includes a steady rest for precise machining.

Puma 240L:


Similar to the Puma 300L, this machine provides a swing of 20” and 48” between centers, accommodating bar capacities from 2.95” to 12”. A steady rest ensures accuracy.

Chevalier FBL-360LB:


Offering a swing of 22” and 86” between centers, this machine is designed for substantial projects with a bar capacity of 4.5”.

Faro Edge ARM:


Clark Machine's capabilities extend beyond conventional machining with the FARO Edge 1.2M Arm, paired with Cam 2 measure 10 software for precise measurements.

Clark Machine Extensive Equipment Lineup

Clark Machine's extensive equipment lineup empowers us with a wide range of capabilities that are matched by few in the industry. These capabilities translate into a host of benefits for our clients:


Our diverse machinery can handle an array of tasks, from intricate precision work to large-scale projects. This versatility means we can meet the specific needs of a variety of industries.


The state-of-the-art equipment allows for unparalleled precision, ensuring that every component we manufacture meets the tightest tolerances and quality standards.


With efficient and high-precision machinery, we reduce production time and minimize waste, ultimately leading to cost savings for our clients.


Our machinery can tackle complex shapes and components, making us a go-to choice for projects that demand intricate detailing and precision.

Quality Assurance 

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. With these advanced machines, we maintain consistency in our products, ensuring that each one is of the highest quality.


Our machinery's capabilities, including CNC turning and milling, allow us to offer tailored solutions to meet the exact specifications of our clients, providing a truly customized experience.

Large-Scale Production

Our machines, like the Haas VF-3 and VF, enable us to handle projects of considerable size, accommodating a wide range of bar capacities and table sizes.

Industry-Leading Expertise

Our team of skilled engineers and technicians combines their knowledge with these advanced machines to deliver results that consistently exceed industry standards.

Clark Machine Baytown, Texas

Your Project, Our Expertise.
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